Campus Scheduling Services


Before booking an event at VCU here are 13 Things to KnowPDF


Q. What are the procedures for university sponsored events associated with alcohol?

  1. Please review the VCU Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for compliance. Following your review of the policy, if your event is applicable, please fill out the VCU Alcohol Authorization Form. Email or The Wellness Resource Center at 804.828.9355 with further questions or concerns.

Q. What if I have minors (under 18, not a VCU Student) attending my event?

  1. For an event/conference hosting minors please have a guardian complete the Participant Waiver of Liability and Release FormPDF

Q. How do I set up my Virtual EMS account?

  1. Follow the Virtual EMS account setup instructions . For additional help, email

Q. How do I request a room?

  1. VCU faulty, staff and students can follow the Virtual EMS room request instructions. External clients can use the Event Request Form for single or multi-day events or Conference Request Form for summer conferences with housing.

Q. What does it mean that you are a one-stop shop?

  1. Throughout the conference and event planning process, you will have:

Q. I would like to have a summer conference at VCU. How do I start?

  1. Complete the Conference Request Form.

Q. My summer conference comes to VCU every year. Do I still have to fill out a space request form?

  1. We do ask that you fill out a Conference Request Form each year, as policies, rates and/or dates may change.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for events?

  1. We follow each department or building’s scheduling policy, so you will be charged based on the specific location of your event. Please work with your campus scheduling services coordinator for information about your specific event.

Q. Are we required to use VCU Catering for our events and conferences?

  1. While VCU Catering is the most convenient to use since they are located on campus, there is no requirement to use VCU Catering. We can help you find a caterer or you can choose your own caterer and we will coordinate with them.