Campus Scheduling Services

Available Spaces

Virginia Commonwealth University offers a multitude of new, newly renovated and historical spaces on both the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus. VCU faculty, staff, and students can use Virtual EMS, our central scheduling system, to book campus spaces including classrooms, conference rooms, theaters and outdoor meeting space, as well as athletic fields and courts. External users can use our Event Request Form for single day events or multi-day events; or for summer conferences with housing, use the Conference Request Form. For the Rice Rivers Center, please visit here, to request to reserve one of their spaces. 

Reservation Timelines

Certain spaces are available year-round, while others have special timelines for reservation request. Below are some of the spaces that rely on a timeline schedule process.

Monroe Park Campus Academic Spaces

Includes Harris, Hibbs, Oliver Education and Temple. The Academic Learning Commons is available to departments only.


University Student Commons and Activities

Includes the Commons, Larrick Student Center, and Hunton Student Center.
  • Registered Student Organizations can book for Complex Events only the following  academic year starting on the first Friday starting at 10AM, Saturday and Sunday  ending at 11:59 p.m. leading into Spring Break:
    • 3/3, 4 & 5/2017
    • 3/2, 3 & 4/2018
    • 3/1, 2 & 3/2019 
  • Registered Student Organizations can book for the following academic year starting  on the first Monday of every April at 10AM:
    • 4/3/2017 ­ Students are able to book for the 2017­2018 academic year (7/1/17­ -6/30/18).
    • 4/2/2018­  Students are able to book for the 2018­- 2019 academic year (7/1/18­ -6/30/19).
    • 4/1/2019­  Students are able to book for the 2019­- 2020 academic year (7/1/19­ -6/30/20).
  • Departments (VCU and VCU Health Systems) can book for the following academic  year starting on the first Monday of every May at 10AM:
    • 5/1/2017 ­ Departments are able to book for the 2017­- 2018 academic year  (7/1/17- ­6/30/18). 
    • 5/7/2018 ­ Departments are able to book for the 2018­-2019 academic year  (7/1/18-­6/30/19). 
    • 5/6/2019­  Departments are able to book for the 2019­- 2020 academic year  (7/1/19­-6/30/20).